1959-60 Boston Celtics Promotions

For all home games played at the Boston Garden or Boston Arena

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DateOpponentLocationAttendanceTimePreliminary Game Notes
Sat Oct 17 1959Cincinnati RoyalsArena33415pmNational TV but blacked out in Boston
Sat Nov 7 1959Philadelphia WarriorsGarden139098pmWilt Chamberlain's first NBA game in Boston (30 points/28 rebounds vs. Russell 22/35)
Wed Nov 11 1959Cincinnati RoyalsGarden6788N/A
Sat Nov 14 1959St. Louis HawksGarden72468pm
Fri Nov 20 1959Syracuse NationalsGarden51358pmProceeds to benefit Citizens' Participation Foundation (for Mass. mental and public health facilities)
Wed Nov 25 1959Philadelphia WarriorsGarden116838pm
Sat Nov 28 1959Detroit PistonsGarden42754:30pm
Fri Dec 4 1959New York KnicksGarden41238pm
Wed Dec 9 1959Philadelphia WarriorsGarden87029pm7:15pm Detroit Pistons vs. Cincinnati Royals
Fri Dec 11 1959St. Louis HawksGarden47068pm
Sat Dec 19 1959New York KnicksGarden70144pmNational TV but blacked out in Boston
Mon Dec 28 1959Minneapolis LakersGarden132929:30pm7pm Althea Gibson 8 vs. Karol Fageros 3 (Tennis); 7:45pm Harlem Globetrotters 75 Baltimore Bullets 62
Mon Jan 4 1960Syracuse NationalsGarden110007pm9:45pm Ice Capades
Wed Jan 13 1960St. Louis HawksGarden121879pm7:15pm Philadelphia Warriors vs. Syracuse Nationals
Sun Jan 17 1960Philadelphia WarriorsGarden130571:30pm
Wed Jan 20 1960New York KnicksGarden40088pmLadies' Night: "Women with escorts will be admitted free of charge."
Sat Jan 23 1960Syracuse NationalsGarden62968pm
Wed Jan 27 1960St. Louis HawksGarden108379pm7:15pm Philadelphia Warriors vs. New York Knicks
Sun Jan 31 1960Detroit PistonsGarden62491:30pmMoved from 2:30pm to 1:30pm due to national television schedule
Wed Feb 3 1960Minneapolis LakersGarden52779:15pm7:15pm St. Louis Hawks vs. New York Knicks
Fri Feb 5 1960Syracuse NationalsGarden55188pmRussell 51 rebounds
Sun Feb 7 1960New York KnicksGarden109341:30pmSilver Skates after game
Sat Feb 13 1960Philadelphia WarriorsGarden115538pmWilt Chamberlain out injured; Players and coaches received gifts from New Hampshire governor on "New Hampshire Day"
Fri Feb 26 1960Minneapolis LakersGarden50001:30pmIce Follies after game
Wed Mar 2 1960Philadelphia WarriorsGarden85729:15pm7:15pm Minneapolis Lakers vs. New York Knicks
Sun Mar 6 1960Syracuse NationalsGarden57932:15pmRed Auerbach Day; Nationally televised but blacked out in Boston
Wed Mar 9 1960New York KnicksGarden39219:15pm7:15pm Harlem Globetrotters 69 Baltimore Rockets 53

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