1958-59 Boston Celtics Promotions

For all home games played at the Boston Garden or Boston Arena

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DateOpponentLocationAttendanceTimePreliminary Game Notes
Sat Nov 1 1958Detroit PistonsGarden88138pm6:30pm two "midget games" (junior high?); proceeds to benefit Knights of Pythias Spastic Sufferers Fund
Tue Nov 11 1958Minneapolis LakersGarden139099pm7:15pm Harlem Globetrotters 94 Hawaii 50th Staters 85; Wilt Chamberlain scored 50 for Globetrotters
Sat Nov 15 1958Cincinnati RoyalsGarden64378pmFamily night; Father pays full price rest of family pays either $1 or $0.75 depending on seat location
Sat Nov 22 1958Philadelphia WarriorsGarden65248pm
Wed Nov 26 1958New York KnicksGarden70128pm
Sat Nov 29 1958Detroit PistonsGarden70958pm
Wed Dec 3 1958St. Louis HawksGarden51808pm
Sat Dec 6 1958Syracuse NationalsGarden58398pm
Wed Dec 10 1958Philadelphia WarriorsGarden40329pm7:15pm St.Louis Hawks vs. Detroit Pistons; 25 percent of proceeds donated to Boston Globe Santa Claus Fund
Fri Dec 12 1958Cincinnati RoyalsGarden68738pm
Sat Dec 20 1958New York KnicksGarden65408pm6:30pm Lunenburg (MA) High School girls vs. Eliot (ME) High School girls
Mon Dec 29 1958Syracuse NationalsGarden139099:15pm7:15pm Harlem Globetrotters 61 vs. New York Giants football team 50 (the day after their overtime loss to Colts in NFL title game); Chamberlain 14
Mon Jan 5 1959Minneapolis LakersGarden100007pm10pm Ice Capades performance (single admission for game + show)
Wed Jan 14 1959New York KnicksGarden73629:15pm7:15pm Philadelphia Warriors vs. Syracuse Nationals
Sun Jan 18 1959St. Louis HawksGarden106652:30pmNational TV but blacked out in Boston
Sat Jan 24 1959Philadelphia WarriorsGarden70869:15pm7:15pm Harlem Magicians 81 Boston Shamrocks 60 (not actually a Boston team)
Sun Jan 25 1959Detroit PistonsGarden80822:30pm
Wed Jan 28 1959St. Louis HawksGarden94208pm6:30pm Mass. College of Art vs. Newton Junior College
Sat Jan 31 1959Philadelphia WarriorsGarden83699:15pm7:15pm New York Knicks vs. Syracuse Nationals
Sun Feb 1 1959Syracuse NationalsGarden57252:30pmNational TV but blacked out in Boston
Wed Feb 4 1959New York KnicksGarden32708pm
Fri Feb 6 1959St. Louis HawksGarden135349:15pm7pm Syracuse Nationals vs. Detroit Pistons
Sun Feb 8 1959Cincinnati RoyalsGarden112331:30pm3pm Silver Skates finals
Wed Feb 11 1959Philadelphia WarriorsGarden41648pm
Sat Feb 14 1959Syracuse NationalsGarden58548pm
Sun Feb 15 1959Detroit PistonsGarden53002:30pm
Fri Feb 27 1959Minneapolis LakersGarden61833:15pm11am Boston Globe Clinic; 1:15pm Harlem Magicians
Wed Mar 4 1959Syracuse NationalsGarden62229:15pm7pm Philadelphia Warriors vs. New York Knicks
Sun Mar 8 1959Cincinnati RoyalsGarden139092:30pmChildren's Day (featuring a "Name-the-Pony" contest) included free admission for about 8000 kids whose fathers spent $3 for a regular ticket
Tue Mar 10 1959New York KnicksGarden91768:30pm6:30pm Jack Kramer four-man tennis exhibition; 11pm Harlem Globetrotters 86 Philadelphia Spahs 67

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