1956-57 Boston Celtics Promotions

For all home games played at the Boston Garden or Boston Arena

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DateOpponentLocationAttendanceTimePreliminary Game Notes
Sat Nov 3 1956New York KnicksGarden124698:30pm7pm Cambridge YMCA vs. Revere Bombers
Sat Nov 10 1956Minneapolis LakersGarden139099pm7:15pm Harlem Globetrotters 75 Washington Generals 61
Sat Nov 17 1956Rochester RoyalsGarden100688:30pmNone
Wed Nov 21 1956Philadelphia WarriorsGarden80889pm7pm Fort Wayne Pistons vs. New York Knicks
Sat Nov 24 1956Syracuse NationalsGarden96818:30pm
Sat Dec 1 1956Fort Wayne PistonsGarden110208:30pm7pm Rutland Comets vs. Bellows Falls Lions
Fri Dec 7 1956Minneapolis LakersGarden128389:15pm7:15pm Harlem Magicians vs. Kentucky Colonels
Wed Dec 12 1956Rochester RoyalsGarden60659:15pm7:15pm New York Knicks vs. Minneapolis Lakers
Sat Dec 15 1956St. Louis HawksGarden98118:30pm7pm Curry College vs. Salem Teachers
Sat Dec 22 1956St. Louis HawksGarden110522:30pm
Wed Dec 26 1956Philadelphia WarriorsGarden139099:15pm7:15pm Fort Wayne Pistons vs. Rochester Royals
Sun Jan 6 1957Fort Wayne PistonsArena50682pm
Tue Jan 15 1957NBA ALL-STAR GAMEGarden11178Old Timers Game
Fri Jan 18 1957St. Louis HawksGarden117639:15pm7:15pm Syracuse Nationals vs. Philadelphia Warriors
Sun Jan 20 1957New York KnicksGarden110822:30pm
Wed Jan 23 1957Syracuse NationalsGarden110829:15pm7:15pm New York Knicks vs. Philadelphia Warriors
Fri Jan 25 1957Minneapolis LakersGarden91759:15pm7:15pm St. Louis Hawks vs. Rochester Royals
Mon Jan 28 1957Philadelphia WarriorsGarden96899:15pm7:15pm Syracuse Nationals vs. Minneapolis Lakers
Wed Jan 30 1957Syracuse NationalsGarden73839pm7:15pm New York Knicks vs. Rochester Royals
Sun Feb 3 1957New York KnicksGarden139092:30pm
Wed Feb 6 1957Fort Wayne PistonsGarden86329pm7:15pm Syracuse Nationals vs. New York Knicks
Sun Feb 10 1957Philadelphia WarriorsGarden130862:30pm1:15pm Boston College 64 Israeli Olympic Team 59
Thu Feb 21 1957St. Louis HawksGarden106164:15pm2:15pm Fort Wayne Pistons vs. New York Knicks
Fri Mar 1 1957Philadelphia WarriorsGarden104489:15pm7:15pm Minneapolis Lakers vs. Rochester Royals
Sun Mar 3 1957Rochester RoyalsGarden96522:30pm
Sun Mar 10 1957Syracuse NationalsGarden76482:30pm
Wed Mar 13 1957New York KnicksGarden85149pm7:15pm Harlem Magicians 108 Kentucky Colonels 101

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