1955-56 Boston Celtics Promotions

For all home games played at the Boston Garden or Boston Arena

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DateOpponentLocationAttendanceTimePreliminary Game Notes
Sat Nov 5 1955Philadelphia WarriorsGarden95948:30pmNone
Fri Nov 11 1955Minneapolis LakersGarden139099pm7:15pm Harlem Globetrotters vs. Washington Generals
Sat Nov 19 1955Fort Wayne PistonsGarden64858:30pm7pm West End House vs. Dorchester St. Pauls
Wed Nov 23 1955New York KnicksGarden111959:15pm7:15pm Philadelphia Warriors vs. Syracuse Nationals
Fri Dec 2 1955St. Louis HawksGarden80478:30pm6:45pm Andrews Air Force Base 118 Otis Field 90
Sat Dec 10 1955Minneapolis LakersGarden74883pmDavid Pouty School (Spencer) 41 St. Stephen's (Worcester) 34; Matignon (Cambridge) 53 vs. Bishop Bradley (Manchester NH) 38
Wed Dec 14 1955New York KnicksGarden80009:15pm7:15pm Fort Wayne Pistons vs. Minneapolis Lakers
Sat Dec 17 1955Syracuse NationalsGarden54118:30pm6:45pm Belmont Abbey Club vs. Stonehill Colege
Sun Jan 1 1956Philadelphia WarriorsArena57982:30pm
Sun Jan 8 1956Rochester RoyalsArena50272:30pm
Fri Jan 13 1956Syracuse NationalsGarden91049pm7:15pm St. Louis Hawks vs. Rochester Royals
Sun Jan 15 1956New York KnicksGarden76632:30pm
Fri Jan 20 1956St. Louis HawksGarden122359pm7:15pm Minneapolis Lakers vs. New York Knicks
Sun Jan 22 1956Philadelphia WarriorsGarden75072:30pm
Fri Jan 27 1956Fort Wayne PistonsGarden90649:15pm7:15pm New York Knicks vs. Rochester Royals
Sun Jan 29 1956Rochester RoyalsArena36682:30pm
Sun Feb 5 1956New York KnicksGarden100842:30pm
Fri Feb 10 1956St. Louis HawksGarden88209:15pm7:15pm Syracuse Nationals vs. New York Knicks
Sun Feb 12 1956New York KnicksGarden70862:30pm
Sun Feb 19 1956Philadelphia WarriorsArena43392:30pm
Sun Feb 26 1956Rochester RoyalsArena44352:30pm
Wed Feb 29 1956Fort Wayne PistonsGarden62608:30pm
Fri Mar 2 1956Minneapolis LakersGarden101619:15pm7:15pm New York Knicks vs. Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun Mar 4 1956Philadelphia WarriorsGarden95522:30pm
Wed Mar 7 1956Syracuse NationalsGarden113389:15pm7:15pm Philadelphia Warriors vs. New York Knicks
Sun Mar 11 1956St. Louis HawksGarden60302:30pm
Wed Mar 14 1956Syracuse NationalsGarden23168:30pm

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