1954-55 Boston Celtics Promotions

For all home games played at the Boston Garden or Boston Arena

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DateOpponentLocationAttendanceTimePreliminary Game Notes
Sat Nov 6 1954Syracuse NationalsGarden58398:30pm
Nov 13 1954Baltimore BulletsGarden80398:30pm
Tue Nov 16 1954Rochester RoyalsGarden12798N/A7:15pm Harlem Globetrotters vs. Washington Generals
Wed Nov 24 1954New York KnicksGarden76888:30pm5:45pm four teams from Cape Cod
Sat Dec 4 1954Rochester RoyalsGarden62103pmChinese Y.M.C.A. (Oxford Street Chinatown) teams: Gung Ho Angels defeated Gung Ho Devils 25-20; game replaced Chinese Nationalist Team from Formosa vs. Gordon College because AAU "barred" the Chinese from playing in a doubleheader with a pro game.
Wed Dec 8 1954Minneapolis LakersGarden64549:15pm7:15pm Philadelphia Warriors vs. New York Knicks
Sat Dec 11 1954Syracuse NationalsGarden54493pm
Wed Dec 15 1954Milwaukee HawksGarden53379:15pm7:15pm New York Knicks vs. Syracuse Nationals
Sat Dec 18 1954Philadelphia WarriorsGarden48188:30pm6:30pm Belmont Abbey 67 Stonehill College 54
Sun Jan 2 1955New York KnicksGarden47838:30pm
Sun Jan 9 1955Rochester RoyalsArena25282:30pm
Fri Jan 14 1955Minneapolis LakersGarden135289:15pm7:15pm New York Knicks vs. Fort Wayne Pistons
Sun Jan 16 1955New York KnicksGarden50042:30pm
Sun Jan 23 1955Philadelphia WarriorsGarden39732:30pm
Wed Jan 26 1955Fort Wayne PistonsGarden102059:15pm7:15pm Syracuse Nationals vs. Philadelphia Warriors
Fri Jan 28 1955Syracuse NationalsGarden67768:30pm
Sun Jan 30 1955Milwaukee HawksArena41722:30pm
Fri Feb 4 1955Syracuse NationalsGarden102748:30pm
Sun Feb 6 1955Philadelphia WarriorsGarden55352:30pm
Wed Feb 9 1955Syracuse NationalsGarden90099:15pm7:15pm New York Knicks vs. Minneapolis Lakers
Sun Feb 13 1955New York KnicksGarden77142:30pm
Sun Feb 20 1955Philadelphia WarriorsArena49932:30pm
Fri Mar 4 1955Minneapolis LakersGarden108389:15pm7:15pm New York Knicks vs. Rochester Royals
Sun Mar 6 1955Fort Wayne PistonsGarden80732:30pm
Mon Mar 7 1955Fort Wayne PistonsGarden73919:15pm7:15pm New York Knicks vs. Minneapolis Lakers
Sun Mar 13 1955New York KnicksGarden76432:30pm

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