1952-53 Boston Celtics Promotions

For all home games played at the Boston Garden or Boston Arena

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DateOpponentLocationAttendanceTimePreliminary Game Notes
Sat Nov 8 1952Syracuse NationalsGarden58748:30pm7pm Reynolds Club of Everett vs. Cambridge YMCA
Tue Nov 11 1952Minneapolis LakersGarden139099pm7:15pm Harlem Globetrotters 67 Washington Generals 59
Sun Nov 16 1952Rochester RoyalsGarden27233:15pm1:15pm Philadelphia Warriors 81 Baltimore Bullets 79
Sat Nov 22 1952Indianapolis OlympiansGarden31338:30pm5:45pm High School Doubleheader: Falmouth Blackhawks vs. Chatham Towners; Marion Sippicans vs. Harwich Hornets
Wed Nov 26 1952Philadelphia WarriorsGarden37488:30pm7pm Broadway Clowns (with special guest Joe Black of Brooklyn Dodgers scoring one basket in five minutes of play) 30 vs. Ipswich Warriors 12
Wed Dec 3 1952Minneapolis LakersGarden70349pm7:15pm New York Knicks vs. Philadelphia Warriors
Sat Dec 6 1952Milwaukee HawksGarden47257:45pm5:45pm Inman Club of Cambridge vs. South Boston Rangers; 6:45pm Rocky Marciano Bartocci Club of Brockton vs. South Boston Boys' Club
Sat Dec 13 1952Philadelphia WarriorsGarden51948:30pm7pm Quincy High School 56 vs. Fitchburg High School 46
Sat Dec 20 1952Syracuse NationalsGarden79118:30pm"A girls' game and a vaudeville show will precede the N.B.A. contest"
Wed Dec 31 1952Syracuse NationalsArena29658:30pm
Sun Jan 4 1953New York KnicksArena35672:30pm
Sun Jan 11 1953Baltimore BulletsArena28052:30pm1pm Grenier Air Force Base vs. Quonset Naval Air Station
Sun Jan 18 1953New York KnicksGarden139093:15pm1:15pm Philadelphia Warriors vs. Indianapolis Olympians
Wed Jan 21 1953Fort Wayne PistonsGarden84769:15pm7:15pm New York Knicks vs. Milwaukee Hawks
Sun Feb 1 1953Rochester RoyalsGarden97363:15pm1:15pm New York Knicks vs. Philadelphia Warriors
Wed Feb 4 1953Syracuse NationalsGarden51709:15pm7:15pm Philadelphia Warriors vs. Baltimore Bullets
Sun Feb 8 1953New York KnicksGarden62732:30pm
Fri Feb 13 1953Milwaukee HawksGarden40299pm7:15pm Baltimore Bullets vs. New York Knicks
Sun Feb 15 1953Indianapolis OlympiansGarden45992:30pm
Sun Feb 22 1953New York KnicksArena66382:30pm
Wed Feb 25 1953Philadelphia WarriorsArena62529pm7:15pm Rochester Royals vs. New York Knicks
Fri Mar 6 1953Minneapolis LakersGarden139099:15pm7:15pm New York Knicks vs. Syracuse Nationals
Wed Mar 11 1953Fort Wayne PistonsGarden55009:15pm7:15pm New York Knicks vs. Baltimore Bullets
Sun Mar 15 1953Philadelphia WarriorsArena36068:30pm1:15pm Harlem Globetrotters vs. Reynolds Club of Everett at Garden at 1:15pm (13909); Celtics game delayed to 8:30pm because the Warriors plane was grounded in New York due to weather; Celtics game played at Arena due to Bruins-Canadiens game at the Garden at 8:30pm

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