1951-52 Boston Celtics Promotions

For all home games played at the Boston Garden or Boston Arena

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DateOpponentLocationAttendanceTimePreliminary Game Notes
Sun Nov 4 1951Indianapolis OlympiansArena30123pmNone
Sun Nov 11 1951Minneapolis LakersGarden139093pm1:30pm Harlem Globetrotters 76 Philadelphia Spahs 56
Wed Nov 14 1951Fort Wayne PistonsGarden21238:30pm7pm Cambridge vs. Boston YMCA
Sun Nov 18 1951New York KnicksGarden31063pm1:30pm Reynolds Club vs. Lynn Red Devils
Thu Nov 22 1951Milwaukee HawksGarden55028:30pm7pm Broadway Clowns 57 New York All Stars 41
Sun Nov 25 1951Philadelphia WarriorsGarden30813pm1:30pm Wheelchair game featuring teams from Cushing Veterans' Hospital in Framingham (New England chapter P.V.A. 32 Wheelchair Clippers 22)
Sun Dec 2 1951Baltimore BulletsGarden25203pmQuonset N.S.A. vs. Grenier Field
Wed Dec 5 1951Fort Wayne PistonsGarden25238:30pm7pm Crimson All-Stars 49 Lynn Jewish Center 40
Sun Dec 9 1951New York KnicksGarden102887pm9pm Boston Olympics 6 Atlantic City Sea Gulls 4 (Eastern Hockey League)
Wed Dec 12 1951Milwaukee HawksGarden21908:30pm7pm Lynn Classical High School 49 Peabody High School 41
Sun Dec 16 1951Philadelphia WarriorsGarden34023pm1:30pm Fort Devens 45 Camp Edwards 44
Wed Dec 19 1951Syracuse NationalsGarden41687pm9:30pm Boston Olympics 4 Johnstown Jets 3 (OT) (Eastern Hockey League)
Sun Dec 23 1951Indianapolis OlympiansGarden48611:30pm3:30pm Broadway Clowns 36 New York All-Stars 27
Sun Dec 30 1951New York KnicksArena70453pm1:30pm Prelim scheduled but details not listed in Boston Globe
Sun Jan 6 1952Rochester RoyalsArena68833pm1:30pm Otis Field 43 Grenier Field 33
Wed Jan 16 1952Minneapolis LakersGarden100848:30pmUnited States Navy Recruiting Center [Fargo, Minnesota] 39 vs. Chelsea Naval Base 37
Sun Jan 20 1952Indianapolis OlympiansGarden72171:30pmSecond game Springfield Indians 6 Boston Olympics 2 (Eastern Hockey League)
Wed Jan 23 1952Baltimore BulletsGarden34888:30pmCurry College 64 Mass. Maritime Academy 44; Reynolds Club of Everett 58 Texas Cowgirls 52 (women's team)
Sat Jan 26 1952Philadelphia WarriorsGarden82307pm9:15pm Boston Olympics 4 Atlantic Sea Gulls 3 (OT) (Eastern Hockey League)
Sun Feb 3 1952New York KnicksGarden52393pmNone
Wed Feb 6 1952Syracuse NationalsGarden51977pm9:30pm Boston Olympics 4 New Haven Tomahawks 5 (OT) (Eastern Hockey League)
Sun Feb 10 1952Rochester RoyalsGarden56223pmReynolds Club vs. Bertocci Club
Mon Feb 11 1952NBA ALL-STAR GAMEGarden102118:30pm7pm U.S.S. Shangri La vs. St. Albans, NY
Thu Feb 21 1952Fort Wayne PistonsGarden2368Midnight8:30pm Ice Follies
Wed Feb 27 1952Syracuse NationalsGarden132798:30pm7pm Harlem Globetrotters vs. Reynolds Club of Everett
Sun Mar 2 1952New York KnicksGarden45033pmStonehill vs. Camp Edwards
Wed Mar 5 1952Minneapolis LakersGarden4616 or 48169pm7pm New York Knicks 88 Baltimore Bullets 82
Sun Mar 9 1952Baltimore BulletsGarden83043pmBroadway Clowns vs. New York All-Stars
Wed Mar 12 1952Syracuse NationalsGarden40068:30pm
Sun Mar 16 1952Philadelphia WarriorsGarden31083pmAthol YMCA vs. Quincy Police Boys Club

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