1949-50 Boston Celtics Promotions

For all home games played at the Boston Garden or Boston Arena

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DateOpponentLocationAttendanceTimePreliminary Game Notes
Thu Nov 10 1949Minneapolis LakersGarden60248:30pm7:30pm Lowell Veterans vs. New York Clippers
Tue Nov 15 1949Baltimore BulletsGarden18478:30pmLynn YMCA vs. Cambridge YMCA
Thu Nov 17 1949Indianapolis OlympiansGarden50738:30pm7pm Mercer Club of Everett vs. Revere Youth Commission
Thu Nov 24 1949Fort Wayne PistonsGarden78498:30pm7pm Somerville Flamingos vs. Somverville Dilboys
Wed Nov 30 1949Syracuse NationalsGarden46918:30pmPrelim scheduled but details not listed in Boston Globe
Thu Dec 8 1949Philadelphia WarriorsGarden22018:30pm7pm Athol Hi-Y vs. Lynn Bulldogs
Thu Dec 15 1949St. Louis BombersGarden106248:30pm7pm Harlem Globetrotters 62 Philadelphia Spahs 50
Thu Dec 22 1949Minneapolis LakersGarden52068:30pm7pm Rutland (Vermont) High School vs. Lynn English High School
Tue Dec 27 1949New York KnicksArena50128:30pmWatertown High School 51 Lynn Classical 41
Fri Dec 30 1949Fort Wayne PistonsArena61298:30pmSomerville High School 49 Waltham High School 34 (or 32)
Fri Jan 6 1950Baltimore BulletsArena32008:30pm7pm Harvard Business School vs. Sacred Heart Collegians of Cambridge; Celtics game delayed to 9:30pm due to Bullets travel problems
Fri Jan 13 1950Chicago StagsGarden41318:30pm7pm Newton High School vs. Waltham High School
Tue Jan 17 1950Minneapolis LakersGarden42618:30pm7pm New Britain Teachers vs. American International of Springfield
Thu Jan 19 1950Philadelphia WarriorsGarden27418:30pm7pm Dean Academy vs. Tilton School
Thu Jan 26 1950Fort Wayne PistonsGarden26518:30pm7pm Curry College vs. Worcester Teachers
Tue Jan 31 1950Rochester RoyalsGarden24908:30pm7pm Wheelchair game featuring teams from Cushing Veterans' Hospital in Framingham (Wheelchair Clippers 32 New England chapter P.V.A. 14)
Fri Feb 3 1950Anderson PackersGarden48789:45pm7pm Baltimore Bullets vs. Chicago Stags first pro basketball doubleheader at Garden
Tue Feb 7 1950Chicago StagsGarden24628:30pm7pm Braintree High School vs. Matignon High School of Cambridge
Fri Feb 10 1950St. Louis BombersGarden50098:30pm7pm Waterville (Maine) High School vs. Somerville High School
Fri Feb 17 1950Rochester RoyalsArena23868:30pm7pm Portsmouth (NH) High School vs. Weymouth High School
Fri Feb 24 1950Washington CapitolsArena21528:30pm7pm Dover (NH) High School vs. North Quincy High School
Mon Feb 27 1950Chicago StagsGarden17928:30pm7pm St. Alphonsus A.A. vs. Framingham Clippers
Thu Mar 2 1950New York KnicksGarden139099:30pm7:30pm Harlem Globetrotters 68 New York Celtics 50
Fri Mar 10 1950Washington CapitolsArena18278:30pm7pm Class "B" State Junior High Championship
Tue Mar 14 1950St. Louis BombersGarden14498:30pm7pm Class "A" Eastern Mass Junior High Championship - Southern Junior High of Somerville vs. East Junior High of Watertown
Fri Mar 17 1950New York KnicksArena7008:30pm7pm Somerville Vocational vs. Waltham Trade for "Voke" (Vocational) title

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