1946-47 Boston Celtics Promotions

For all home games played at the Boston Garden or Boston Arena

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DateOpponentLocationAttendanceTimePreliminary Game Notes
Tue Nov 5 1946Chicago StagsArena43298:30pm7:15pm Pere Marquettes vs. North Cambridge (Knights of Columbus League game); Game delayed an hour (to 9:30pm) when Chuck Connors broke the backboard in pre-game warmups
Sat Nov 16 1946Toronto HuskiesGarden51768:45pmDilboy Post V.F.W. of Somerville vs. Sullivan Club of Charlestown (Greater Boston League)
Thu Nov 21 1946St. Louis BombersGarden3636N/A7:15pm South Boston 44 Arlington 39 (Knights of Columbus League)
Mon Nov 25 1946Providence Steam RollersGarden28678:30pmBraintree 44 Lexington 14 (Greater Boston League)
Thu Nov 28 1946Pittsburgh IronmenGarden31388:45pm7:115pm Woburn vs. Bunker Hill (Knights of Columbus League)
Thu Dec 5 1946Detroit FalconsGarden25098:45pm7:15pm Goodwins vs. Dilboy Post of Somerville (Greater Boston League)
Sat Dec 7 1946New York KnicksGarden31188:45pm7:15pm Teutonic vs. North Quincy (Knights of Columbus League); halftime Cushing VA Hospital vs. Celtics and Knicks players in a wheelchair game
Thu Dec 12 1946Detroit FalconsGarden21278:45pm7:15pm Prelim scheduled but details not listed in Boston Globe
Sat Dec 14 1946Philadelphia WarriorsGarden34468:45pm7:15pm Pere Marquettes vs. Watertown (Knights of Columbus League)
Thu Dec 19 1946St. Louis BombersGarden28438:30pm7:15pm Quincy Granites vs. Lynn YMCA (Greater Boston League)
Fri Dec 27 1946Philadelphia WarriorsArena26458:45pm7:15pm Bunker Hill vs. South Boston (Knights of Columbus League)
Mon Dec 30 1946Washington CapitolsArena26288:45pm7:15pm Prelim scheduled but details not listed in Boston Globe
Mon Jan 6 1947Cleveland RebelsArena30009:30pm8pm Fitchburg Pancos [or Pamcos] 62 (New England League) Boston Whirlwinds 53 (home opener)
Fri Jan 10 1947New York KnicksArena32509:30pm8pm Boston Whirlwinds 56 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) 43
Thu Jan 16 1947Washington CapitolsGarden39839:30pm8pm Boston Whirlwinds vs. Worcester Narcus
Mon Jan 20 1947Chicago StagsGarden30339:30pm8pm Hartford Pros vs. Boston Whirlwinds
Thu Jan 23 1947Pittsburgh IronmenGarden33059:30pm8pm Boston Whirlwinds 48 New York Renaissance 42
Mon Jan 27 1947Washington CapitolsGarden36249:30pm8pm Chelsea High School vs. Revere High School
Thu Jan 30 1947Pittsburgh IronmenGarden2739N/A7:45pm Boston Whirlwinds 52 Washington Bears 47
Mon Feb 3 1947Philadelphia WarriorsGarden2555N/A7:45pm Bridgeport Newfields 59 Boston Whirlwinds 53 (OT)
Thu Feb 6 1947New York KnicksGarden2519N/A7:45pm Boston Whirlwinds vs. Harlem Yankees
Thu Feb 13 1947St. Louis BombersGarden6237N/A7:45pm Somerville High School vs. Waltham High School
Sun Feb 23 1947Providence Steam RollersArena4035N/A7:45pm Malden Catholic High School 39 St. Mary's of Lynn 25
Fri Feb 28 1947Cleveland RebelsArenaN/AN/A7:45pm Somerville High School vs. Medford High School
Thu Mar 6 1947Detroit FalconsGarden4131N/A7:45pm Everett High School 26 North Quincy High School 24
Sat Mar 8 1947Toronto HuskiesGarden5049N/A7:45pm Somerville High School 32 Waltham High School 27
Mon Mar 10 1947Providence Steam RollersGarden2074N/A7:45pm St. John's High of Danvers vs. Sacred Heart High of Newton
Wed Mar 12 1947Toronto HuskiesGarden2770N/A7:45pm St. Bernard's High of Fitchburg vs. Mission High of Roxbury
Tue Mar 18 1947Cleveland RebelsGardenN/AN/A7:45pm De La Salle vs. Mission High of Roxbury
Mon Mar 24 1947Chicago StagsGarden5534N/A7:45pm Cohasset Town Team 26 Boston Nationals-Whirlwinds Old Timers 23

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